Baker hopes for deep start by Latos in Game 5

Baker hopes for deep start by Latos in Game 5

Baker hopes for deep start by Latos in Game 5
CINCINNATI -- When it is an elimination game, the "book" is thrown out by the managers, and they'll do anything to win and survive.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy did just that in an 8-3 Game 4 victory, when he pulled Barry Zito after 2 2/3 innings, used situational relievers in the third and fourth innings and then used Tim Lincecum for 4 1/3 innings of relief.

Reds vs. Giants

The same approach was expected from the Reds in Game 5, where the winner advances and the loser goes home.

Reds manager Dusty Baker didn't tip his hand on the availability of his entire pitching staff behind starter Mat Latos. But one would have to expect that starters like Bronson Arroyo were available if needed. The bullpen has been relatively fresh throughout the series.

"You hope that Latos takes us deep into the game," Baker said Thursday morning. "Naturally we're not just saying it's 'all hands on deck,' but right now it's Latos' game, and we hope that he can take us deep, deep, deep into the game and we can have a big offensive day. That would be primo right now."

Baker had no trouble getting to sleep Wednesday night, but staying asleep was a different matter.

"You think about different things," Baker said. "You try to have positive thoughts for your team. We're not ready to go home yet. I still believe this is our year. What else are we supposed to believe? I listen to the TV and it's like we've lost already."