Most-Watched Telecast in MLB Network History

MLB Network's first-ever Postseason game broadcast - Sunday's 5-4 win by the Tigers over the A's in Game Two of the ALDS -- set several records for the four-year-old network, including:

- Most-viewed telecast: 1.3 million viewers, up +107% over the previous high, Yankees vs. Red Sox last Tuesday night.
- Highest-ever coverage rating: 1.3, +63% greater than the previous high, the June 8, 2010 debut of Stephen Strasburg.
- By far its highest-rated game telecast ever in Detroit (+644% better than previous best) and Oakland/SF (+280% higher than previous best).

Continuing its great run this Postseason, TBS is averaging 3.6 million viewers through its first three days of coverage, +14% higher than its first three days of coverage in 2011, based on Fast National data from Nielsen.

In addition, social media comments regarding the 2012 Postseason have already surpassed the total from the entire 19-game 2011 Division Series. Through Sunday's games, there have been 1.34 million public Facebook and Twitter comments vs. 1.28 million for the entire 2011 LDS, according to data from Bluefin Labs.