Oct. 7 Wei-Yin Chen pregame interview

Q. Can you talk about your mindset going into this game? How do you feel? Are you nervous, et cetera?

WEI-YIN CHEN: I don't want to think too much about the approach at the end of the season. Even though this is the postseason right now, but I'm still keeping the same thing. I don't want to think too much, and I just hope everything will be the same.

Q. You did much better on extra rest this year. Do you feel more confident going into it with extra rest? It looked like the last month you had tired some down the stretch.

WEI-YIN CHEN: This is one shot and opportunity, so I don't think the extra days or anything will confuse me or anything. I just want to do my job and do my part and give everything out there and just pitch the ball.

Q. Can you just talk about the last six months or so, how it's kind of been a whirlwind for you or crazy since signing to pitching in a playoff game against the New York Yankees? What has this experience been like, and could you ever have imagined it?

WEI-YIN CHEN: It's been a great year to me and to the Orioles, too, and I'm so lucky to be here. I want to give everything to the fans and everything to the city of Baltimore, not only for me. Of course it's been a really amazing year to me, so I just want to give everything out there, and I don't want to think too much right now, I just want to keep going, keep going, keep pitching.

Q. Your first game was against the Yankees in April, and you've pitched against them a few times. Do you think your familiarity with the Yankees is going to be an advantage for you?

WEI-YIN CHEN: This is a postseason series, and my first game is against the Yankees, and my first playoff game against the Yankees is special to me. I think this is different right now because this is the postseason. Everything will be new and everybody will have a new start. We'll see what's going on tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about, was this a dream of yours pitching a big game against the Yankees, big postseason game? Was this a big dream for you back in your homeland?

WEI-YIN CHEN: I'm from Taiwan, I pitched in Japan, and I'm a rookie here. And I never thought of pitching a postseason, and this is really a big dream for me. I have to give credit to my teammates. They were all behind me and support me. They are the best.

Q. Just talk about your thoughts going up on the mound tomorrow and also what you want to be careful of when facing the powerful Yankees lineup.

WEI-YIN CHEN: I'll just go at it my best on the mound tomorrow, and I'll leave the rest to my defense. On the mound I'll just give my best.

And also, about going against the Yankees, this is the playoffs. I'm not thinking much about it. It's quite different now that we're in the postseason, so we'll see what happens.