Despite not starting, Gomes cheering on teammates

Despite not starting, Gomes cheering on teammates

Despite not starting, Gomes cheering on teammates
DETROIT -- It goes without saying that right-handed-hitting veteran Jonny Gomes, on standby in the dugout during this best-of five Division Series against the Tigers as the A's face a string of righties, is cheering for wins. His desire to contribute to this postseason run has him cheering even harder.

"I was telling the guys, 'Just let's get to the next series,'" Gomes said, smiling. "Baltimore's got a few lefties, and so does New York, so I'm these guys' No. 1 fan right now. Just get us to the next one so I can get my fighting license back."

Manager Bob Melvin is rather strict when it comes to his many platoons, as he rarely strays from his strategic plan of playing to matchups just to hand away playing time for the sake of it. It's one of the traits Gomes appreciates and respects most about him.

"That's how the A's work, it really is," Gomes said. "That's why Bob Melvin's been great. We've had all these platoons, and I think once you cross over the platoon once, you've got to cross over with them all.

"I'd like to be in there. I'm sure we'd all like to be in there, but that's how the A's have won this year, and we've done a good job. So just because we're in the playoffs doesn't really mean we've got to mix it up."

Oakland essentially employs platoons at Gomes' designated hitter position, as well as catcher, second base and first base, where Brandon Moss drew his second consecutive start Sunday. His other half, the right-handed Chris Carter, sits in the same boat as Gomes, and Melvin said Sunday he wouldn't be afraid to use either should the Tigers bring in a lefty.

"And even if they want to bring in a lefty and want to turn it right back around, we feel good about both those guys against those pitchers, too," Melvin said. "We hope to get Jonny in a game here at some point in time, and if that's not the case today, hopefully and potentially we even look to get him a start. We don't want him sitting around too long. He has hit certain right-handers pretty well, so we're always looking to get him in the game."