Wells takes last visit to Safeco's changing outfield

Wells takes last visit to Safeco's changing outfield

Wells takes last visit to Safeco's changing outfield
SEATTLE -- With Tuesday's announcement that the Safeco Field fences would be moved in next year, with the biggest adjustment being in the left-center field "Death Valley" gap, right fielder Casper Wells went out that evening and drove two balls deep to the warning track in that exact spot in the 6-1 victory over the Angels.

What surely would have been two home runs and three RBIs in the new configuration, instead turned out to be a pair of long outs in an 0-for-4 day for Wells.

Did he wonder "what if?" at all on those fly outs?

"I guess so," Wells said with a shrug. "I don't make excuses though. If I was a little stronger, they'd have got out. If it was next year, that would have been a couple home runs, so that would be cool."

But Wells wasn't taking any great positive out of knowing things might be different next time.

"No. It's over," he said. "I hit the ball hard, that's the only thing that's optimistic. I had nothing to show for it, but I did my job and hit the ball hard. What are you going to do?"

Wells previously played for the Tigers and noted that Comerica Park remains "a graveyard in center" even after the fences were brought in there in 2003. So he's used to playing in big parks. He said the second long ball he hit Tuesday definitely felt like it should have gone out anywhere.

"The first one was a slider and I didn't swing as hard," he said. "The second one had to be a mid-90s fastball down and that one was a no-doubter in my mind. The pitcher put his head down. But, hey, if I get stronger, maybe they're out by 100 feet next year."