Worth noting

Worth noting

• Johnson said that some players who do not make the postseason roster will remain with the club and others will go down to Florida to continue to work out.

"Some we'll keep here, some we'll send there," he said. "The guys that we'll probably keep here will be pitchers. [Stephen Strasburg] ... and company. Probably three other guys."

Johnson still isn't showing his cards about who will make the roster, but he said Wednesday he's been impressed with the recent performances of relievers Zach Duke and Christian Garcia.

• Johnson said the Nationals will travel Friday, regardless of who they play in the first round. If they play Saturday in San Francisco, they'll fly early Friday morning. If the Nats have to wait to learn the winner of the Wild Card game in advance for Sunday's game, they'd likely have to wait till later Friday night.

The team will have Thursday off, but Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann -- the Nationals' Game 1 and Game 2 starters, respectively -- will likely come to the park and throw.

• Johnson had this to say about Bryce Harper's chances for the NL Rookie of the Year Award as he goes up against Cincinnati's Todd Frazier and Arizona's Wade Miley: "He'd get my vote. I wouldn't trade him for any of the other two. The year he's had, I think he's been energy, scored a lot of runs for us, got on base a lot, played great defense. He's been great. I guess [Frazier is high on the list, too], because we both have similar records, but different opponents. But [Harper] gets my vote."