Maddon didn't watch A's victory Monday night

Maddon didn't watch A's victory Monday night

Maddon didn't watch A's victory Monday night
ST. PETERSBURG -- Following the Rays' 5-3 win over the Orioles on Monday night, Rays manager Joe Maddon told reporters he would not wait up to see how the Athletics fared, even though the outcome of that game determined whether the Rays would remain in postseason contention.

The Athletics defeated the Rangers late Monday night, thereby eliminating the Rays. Nevertheless, Maddon stayed true to his word.

"I went back [home after the game] and I watched some of the football game," Maddon said. "It was not a good game. Titanic was on. I always watch the part right up until the boat sinks.

"The fifth chamber was breached and they could no longer stay afloat. So our fifth chamber was breached over the course of the last couple of weeks. And I could not remember that if I had not just watched the movie."

Despite not watching the Athletics game, Maddon found out the outcome when awakened from his sleep.

"Honestly, I was sleeping and [my wife] Jaye's phone gives that little bing, bing sound," Maddon said. "And the other wives had had some kind of group texting. So she reached over and checked it out.

"I'm thinking they're texting because Oakland had lost, but it was not. So I found out about it, like 1:30 or 2 o'clock in the morning. That's when I found out."

While the Rays indeed were eliminated, Maddon noted, "I'm really not going to sit here and cry about it."

"I'm going to try and get out of here Saturday night, get back to California and hang out for a bit," Maddon said. "I promise you I'm not going to be watching baseball games. And I'm going to be doing my normal thing. And about in a month or two [Rays executive vice president of baseball operations] Andrew [Friedman] and I are going to begin talking about next year like we always do. But I'm not going to sit here and cry about what we did not accomplish."

Entering Tuesday night's game, the Rays had won 11 of their last 12 games.

"Overall this group has been great, not just good, they've been great," Maddon said. "I don't even know the last time a team won 13 out of 14 games at the end of the season, which we have a chance to do."