Farrell expects coaching staff to remain intact

Farrell expects coaching staff to remain intact

Farrell expects coaching staff to remain intact
TORONTO -- Manager John Farrell expects to have his full coaching staff from this season back for 2013.

"Nothing suggests right now that changes will be made," Farrell said.

Farrell has been holding one-on-one meetings with each coach as the season comes to and end, as he has done with each player.

"It's important that they know before leaving what their status is," Farrell said.

Chad Mottola is one coach who has been up for September, but is not guaranteed to be back in Toronto next season, despite rumors that came out earlier in the season.

Mottola is the hitting coach of Toronto's Triple-A affiliate, which will be based out of Buffalo in 2013, and joined the Blue Jays for the final month of the season for the second year in a row. There was talk earlier in the year that the Blue Jays may use to two batting coaches next season, but Farrell said that was simply a concept that was discussed and something that was blown out of proportion.

"Not to take anything away from Chad, he is a very effective coach, has a very good rapport with people and he has a track record with the guys he has been with. He has done a very good job and made a positive impact on them," Farrell said.

Dwayne Murphy is Toronto's batting coach and someone Mottola thinks highly of. Mottola said he has a great relationship with Murphy and has been able to learn new things by working with him.

Mottola thinks it can be good for a player to have two different voices to hear from because each hitting coach can offer a different perspective into the player's swing and mechanics.

"In this game over 162, things get stale with a player at times," Mottola said. "There is no ego from my end and Murphy has always been so open to that, too. We just want the player to get better."