Ozzie waiting to hear if he'll be back next year

Ozzie waiting to hear if he'll be back next year

Ozzie waiting to hear if he'll be back next year
MIAMI -- Like any other day, Ozzie Guillen is prepared to come to the ballpark on Wednesday to manage the Marlins in their season finale against the Mets.

Will it be Guillen's last game managing Miami? The organization has yet to announce its intentions for 2013.

"Right now, I'm coming back tomorrow because they don't tell me anything today," Guillen said. "Maybe tomorrow they may change their decision and say they don't want me back."

The Marlins are wrapping up a disappointing season, where they will wind up last in the National League East.

Although after Wednesday, Guillen has three years remaining on his contract, he would understand the organization's reasons if it decided to make a change.

"What can I say? Why? Look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'Why? You're in last place,'" Guillen said.

In recent days, Guillen has spoken with team owner Jeffrey Loria about the state of the ballclub. He said in those conversations, nothing has been mentioned about his status.

"It's not my department," the outspoken manager said. "That's up to Jeffrey and them guys, who is coming back here in any department. To be honest with you, I don't worry about that.

"Do I care? Of course I care. I'm proud. I'm a baseball man. Do I want to be back? Of course, I want to be back. If not, I don't sign a four-year contract. I sign a one-year contract."

The season of so much hope fizzled into the second straight last-place finish.

Guillen was brought in to provide energy and guidance to a revamped roster, which was built to win. But by late July, with the team floundering, four trades were made.

Before the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, the Marlins dealt Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate to the Dodgers. Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez were sent to the Tigers. Edward Mujica was moved to St. Louis and Gaby Sanchez to Pittsburgh.

Guillen noted that he really didn't have a full season to get the team into the playoffs. He had a few months. He added that he isn't pointing fingers at the front office, because he signed off on each trade.

"They don't give me one year," Guillen said. "They give me three months, two months. When we trade people, it's a different ballclub. Put it that way. When we traded people, it was a different way to manage.

"I was with the trade. I agreed with the trades. Not because what we did this year, it's because of what we do in the past, day in, day out. They know this ballclub better than I do. They involved me in the trades."

If Guillen is retained, there still can be changes to the coaching staff.

"That decision hasn't been made yet," Guillen said. "We talked about a few people, but nothing has been on the table."

On Thursday, Guillen is scheduled to travel to Spain, and he plans on making his flight regardless of if he has been informed about next year or not.

"We don't have the right to ask for a job," Guillen said. "We don't have the right to talk to people about it .We don't. The same way with the players. The same way with everybody, the front office, everybody. The only thing I worry, make sure that American [Airlines] plane is ready for Madrid on Thursday."