Peavy waiting to worry about future

Peavy waiting to worry about future

Peavy waiting to worry about future
CLEVELAND -- When Jake Peavy talked to on Saturday about his 2012 accomplishments, he pointed to being able to take the baseball every fifth day and take the mound healthy with greatest pride. But when he was asked about his future with the White Sox or a possible foray into free agency, Peavy said that he hadn't put much thought into the matter because of the overall team focus and goals.

Even with the team one loss or one Tigers win away from elimination, Tuesday's starter for the White Sox still hadn't put much time into mapping out his future.

"I just wanted to stay focused and find a way to get us in the playoffs," Peavy said. "That's all going to shake out in the next few months anyway so there's no doing yourself any favors trying to figure it out.

"It depends if these guys want me back and what they value me as. I haven't had any dialogue."

The White Sox hold a $22 million option for 2013, which most likely will be declined in favor of a $4 million buyout. If Peavy goes into free agency, he reiterated Monday that representing himself remains a distinct possibility. He also has talked to agents such as John Boggs and Jeff Berry, with Peavy's longtime agent and friend Barry Axelrod leaving the business.

One thing the 11-year-veteran knows is that he would like to play as long as his body and the game allows.

"I'm going to play until this uniform is taken away from me," Peavy said. "I love the game. My boys are getting to the age where my children understand what Daddy does and they enjoy it. They enjoy coming.

"That's something that's special to me and special to them. You miss out on stuff by being away, but at the same time if I stay around five years, I'll be 36 and able to spend a lot of good quality time with them.

"Honestly, I'm so blessed and fortunate to be healthy again. I never knew if this would be possible, to have a year like I did, and I feel like all that is behind me now."