Farrell dismisses reports of friction with GM

Farrell dismisses reports of friction with GM

Farrell dismisses reports of friction with GM
TORONTO -- With the offseason rapidly approaching, Blue Jays manager John Farrell is still finding himself having to speak out against reports suggesting he could be headed to Boston at the end of the year.

Farrell was questioned on the subject matter yet again on Monday afternoon after a media report suggested the second-year manager currently has a contentious relationship with Toronto general manager Alex Anthopoulos.

A Boston-area reporter, citing an unnamed source, indicated the Blue Jays "are willing to let Farrell go to Boston as long as they're compensated, due to friction" between the coaching staff and front office.

"I think it's disrespectful when someone makes a comment when they don't truly know what's going on inside," Farrell said. "That's the most disappointing thing, and I don't know where some people come off as if they know what's happening between Alex and I, or what we would think is happening between a manager and a GM elsewhere. That's just irresponsible with the comments."

Farrell, who is under contract through the 2013 season, was first linked to Boston in 2011 before Boston reached an agreement with Bobby Valentine. The reports resurfaced when Valentine came under fire late this year, and for the most part Farrell has been loathe to publicly discuss the issue.

The ongoing storyline has been another twist in what has been a frustrating season for both Farrell and Anthopoulos. The year began with hopes of competing, but a series of devastating injuries derailed that plan by late June.

The roster has been in a state of flux ever since, and Farrell said that's just one indication that there can't possibly be any ill will between himself and the higher-ups in the organization.

"Alex and I have dealt with a lot of challenges this year, documented by the changes on our roster, we've had 54 different players come here," Farrell said. "The fact that there's that much change and that many challenges to respond to, our communication is frequent, even in the times we've scuffled, you have those conversations where things aren't always pleasant, based on the won-loss record at the time.

"[But] that comment is unfounded."