Despite losses, Sveum appreciates work ethic

Despite losses, Sveum appreciates work ethic

Despite losses, Sveum appreciates work ethic
PHOENIX -- Cubs manager Dale Sveum may spend most of the offseason catching up on sleep.

"A lot of people ask me how I'm doing, and it's more about [the players] than me," Sveum said prior to Sunday's game. "I can deal with it. It's not that easy to deal with losing as a player. The preparation and the hard work they put in, when you don't get anything out of it win-wise, it's not very fun."

Sveum's first year at the Cubs' helm has resulted in 99 losses heading into Sunday's series finale against the D-backs.

"The good thing about baseball is every day is different," Sveum said. "For the most part, I've been in this game long enough to understand how this process works. I think patience is one of my good points. I do have a lot of patience and understand the process we're going through, and understood it at the beginning of the season.

"You still lose sleep over a lot of things," he said. "You don't wake up every morning thinking you're going to lose."

It may be more of the same next season as the Cubs continue to build what baseball operations president Theo Epstein has called the "foundation for success."

"I don't think you're ever prepared to lose 99 games," Sveum said. "Each day is different and you do your best each day and put your best lineup out there. The bottom line is the players, especially all the guys who have been here for the whole year, you feel bad for them. Each and every one of those guys has busted their butt for the whole season and, unfortunately, it hasn't turned out well."

Sveum appreciates the hard work of the players. He said there's been no need for him to throw a fit in the clubhouse.

"You can go out and scream and yell and have meetings, and in my dealings with baseball and grown men, that's not the way to go about things. Otherwise, you start losing respect," Sveum said. "The good thing about this season is I think the clubhouse has been the same every day, and I think the work ethic and the preparation has been the same all year. The core players understand all that stuff. Then it comes together and the wins start coming together, as well."