Crisp continuously comes up big for A's

Crisp continuously comes up big for A's

Crisp continuously comes up big for A's
OAKLAND -- It's difficult to target an MVP on this 2012 A's squad, what with so many moving parts and a constant rotation of key contributions.

And though health hasn't been on his side for parts of the season, table setter Coco Crisp is worth a mention in these conversations, given his significance at the top of an ever-changing lineup.

"He's been unbelievable," manager Bob Melvin said. "I've said all along, not only is he the guy that ignites us, he's the guy that hits good pitching late in the games for us. We just feed off him. He does more than what a leadoff guy, what his role, is considered to be."

Before his return Friday, Crisp had missed the majority of the previous two weeks with pink eye. He was essentially restricted from all baseball activity during most of that time, but has gone 7-for-10 since returning, most recently collecting four hits on Saturday.

"Unbelievable," Melvin said. "He looks like he's been playing 15 days in a row. It doesn't look like he's sat out, and that's the most difficult thing, having your edge when you come back. He's one of those guys that, no matter how long he's out, he gets back into the swing of things quickly."

Crisp's continued production, not only at the plate but on the bases -- where he's collected 37 stolen bases -- is essential to Oakland's winning recipe in the final four games of the regular season.

"No doubt," Melvin said.