Quick hits

Quick hits

• The Tigers have seen a baserunner called out this year for interfering with a popup even though he was standing on second base. They've seen Quintin Berry taking off for third base without a pitch being thrown to try to prevent a runner for being called out on appeal for missing third base on his way home. And, of course, they've seen Brayan Villarreal miss a tag play at the plate because he thought he had a forceout on a strikeout/wild pitch.

For those reasons and others, Leyland sees a rulebook session coming next Spring Training.

"I think, if I manage again, I truly believe that next spring, I'm going to have about three days a week, just about 15-minute sessions on the rulebook for the players," Leyland said. "And I don't know why I haven't done it before."

• Bryan Holaday's wife gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, their first child, soon after the Tigers catcher arrived in Texas, where Holaday and his expanding family live. Holaday is expected to rejoin the team in Kansas City for its series against the Royals.

• Verlander's win Saturday gave him at least 17 for the fourth consecutive year and the sixth time in his seven-year Major League career. He's the only Major League pitcher to do that in this stretch. CC Sabathia entered this season with five straight 17-plus win seasons, but he won't get there this season.