Wieters returns to lineup after birth of son

Wieters returns to lineup after birth of son

Wieters returns to lineup after birth of son
BALTIMORE -- Orioles catcher Matt Wieters was back in Saturday's starting lineup a day after his wife, Maria, gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Maverick Luther.

Asked if he had gotten any sleep, Wieters -- who came right from Greater Baltimore Medical Center to Camden Yards Saturday afternoon -- said yes.

"The first night, not much at all, but last night I was able to scrap together five, six, eight hours there somewhere, so I feel good today," Wieters said.

The original plan was for the couple to induce labor on Thursday's off-day, and that did occur, but Maria was in labor for about 23 hours, with Maverick arriving at 5:11 a.m. Friday. And yes, the Orioles' game was on in the hospital room, making it easier for Wieters to be away from his teammates.

"No sympathy for me -- catching 18 innings was a lot easier than what [Maria] had to do," Wieters said, smiling. "I'd probably have to catch three-in-a-row-18-inning games to equal that."

Asked about the name, Wieters said it wasn't a family name, but they wanted to keep with the "M" theme and try to find something unique.

"I think my mother-in-law mentioned it one day and it just rang as something that was a pretty cool name," he said. "No 'Top Gun.' I find it hard to find a non-cool Maverick."