Fuld surprised by quick recovery

Fuld surprised by quick recovery

Fuld surprised by quick recovery
CHICAGO -- Sam Fuld drew a pinch-hit walk Thursday night and, to the surprise of many, he remained in the game to run the bases.

Prior to that, Fuld had not played since Sept. 16, when he left the game with a mild strain of his right hamstring.

"It's good ... feels good," Fuld said. "It's tough to know whether I'm 100 percent. I haven't really pushed it to where I feel like it's 100 percent, but it's pretty close. I still want to be cautious with it, but I also don't want to let back."

Fuld, who started in left field and led off on Friday night, can be counted among the surprised by his speedy recovery.

"Even when it happened, I wasn't overly optimistic I would be back," Fuld said. "I know [Evan Longoria] and I had completely different injuries with the hamstring. But just knowing what happened to him and [the Dodgers'] Matt Kemp. Hamstrings usually linger and I'm certainly aware of that."

And Fuld's legs are a bigger part of his game than Longoria's and Kemp's.

"Which is why I was not that optimistic about coming back, especially this early," Fuld said.