Speier juggling manager, bench coach duties

Speier juggling manager, bench coach duties

PITTSBURGH -- As bench coach Chris Speier fills the role of acting manager while Dusty Baker recovers from a minor stroke, who is doing his job? Specifically, no one.

"I'm still doing the running game. I do the defense," Speier said on Friday. "I still do the stuff that I do. It's nothing out of the ordinary."

As for the pitching staff, Speier leans heavily on pitching coach Bryan Price and assistant pitching coach Mack Jenkins.

"I couldn't be doing this without their help," Speier said. "They have it pretty well lined up -- who's available, who's not, what's a good situation to bring guys in. Bryan has always been very vocal about that. I always will follow his lead on that. And when the hitting things come up, I ask Brook [Jacoby]. I get input from Brook on the hitters."

As for Baker, he appears on target to return to work on Monday at St. Louis for the beginning of the final regular season series.

"I talked to Dusty today," Speier said. "First and foremost important, he is really good and anxious and ready to come back."