Scouts at PNC Park to keep tabs on Reds

Scouts at PNC Park to keep tabs on Reds

PITTSBURGH -- A contingent of scouts from various clubs in the postseason hunt were on a plane from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh on Friday, including former Reds manager and current Nationals assistant general manager Bob Boone. Many more scouts figure to be at PNC Park to watch and help their teams prepare for the Reds.

Cincinnati acting manager Chris Speier doesn't expect his club to withhold anything from its bag of tricks to not tip its hand for the postseason.

"No. 1, we play the game to win. Again, we play the game in regards to you don't want to get people hurt too much by being overly aggressive in certain situations," Speier said. "Baseball doesn't really have a lot of trick plays that nobody already doesn't know about or doesn't have."

On the other hand, the Reds might give clubs some things to think about.

"I love to throw those in because it gets the other side thinking a little bit about, 'Oh my gosh, these guys might squeeze in that situation,'" Speier said. "If you don't, it usually puts the hitter in a pretty advantageous hitting count."