Arencibia regaining timing as season winds down

Arencibia regaining timing as season winds down

Arencibia regaining timing as season winds down
BALTIMORE -- J.P. Arencibia is starting to show signs of turning things around at the plate, which indicates he is almost over a right hand injury that cost him more than a month of the season.

Arencibia, who fractured his hand in late July, entered play on Wednesday hitting 6-for-7 with a homer and five RBIs in his past three games. The quality of his at-bats have improved and it appears as though Arencibia is set to finish the year on a positive note.

"My timing and getting my strength back every day in my hand has been key," Arencibia said. "Every day that passes my hand gets stronger. I'm able to use my top hand again, and unfortunately I didn't have much time to rehab.

"That's not anyone's fault, it's just what the circumstances were. I wanted to come back, so it's been kind of a battle. But little by little, my strength is coming back and getting back to where I was before I got hurt."

Hand and wrist injuries are notoriously difficult for hitters to overcome. It impacts workouts during the rehab process and often takes a long time for the player to regain full strength.

That's why it was important for the Blue Jays to get Arencibia back into a regular workload so he could finish the year and remove any doubts about a potential long-term setback.

"I think it brings some closure to the injury, because if you end the year having missed a substantial amount of time, I think you go into the offseason [thinking], 'What kind of year did I really have? Was it incomplete?" manager John Farrell said.

"I think the fact that he ends this last couple of weeks trending upward, I think can put that hand injury and the results that soon followed after he came back, further out of his mind."

Arencibia is hitting .234 with 17 homers and 55 RBIs in 95 games this season.