Last call

Last call
• Roenicke made clear he disagreed with one of the persistent theories of Fiers' steady decline -- that his trademark deceptive delivery is less effective the more opponents see it.

"I just know, as a hitter, I know when there's deception there, that deception doesn't go away because you've seen a guy six times, nine times," Roenicke said. "Now, if you saw a guy 100 times, OK, I've got to believe that you're going to get used to that weird 'whatever' he's doing. But you don't see a guy enough at-bats to say, 'OK, I've got him now.'"

Roenicke used Angels right-hander Jered Weaver as an example. His velocity is down to 88-89 mph, Roenicke said, versus 92-95 mph when Weaver arrived in the Majors.

"Isn't he still a great pitcher?" Roenicke said. "And he's lost a lot of 'stuff,' but the deception is what bothers everybody."

• The Brewers Community Foundation is auctioning a chance to spend Halloween with all five members of the Klement's Famous Racing Sausages. Beginning Thursday, fans can visit to participate in an online auction, with the top bidder winning the opportunity to trick-or-treat in their local neighborhood with the Brewers mascots. The "Trick-or-Treat Auction" begins Thursday at noon CT and concludes on Thursday, Oct. 11 at noon. The auction starts at $250, with bid increments of $25.