Pedro: Better 'character' would benefit Sox

Pedro: Better 'character' would benefit Sox

Pedro: Better 'character' would benefit Sox
BOSTON -- Pedro Martinez made his return to Fenway Park on Sunday evening to honor the late Johnny Pesky.

And after leaving some kind words for the former Red Sox shortstop, who died on Aug. 13 at the age of 93, Martinez offered his view on the way Boston's baseball team has been playing, and operating, over the last year.

"I'm not that far apart from also having teams that went completely bad, especially after the second half," Martinez said. "I'm very familiar with it. Those are things that could be achieved, some of the things they have to do. They have to change some things. When things go wrong, you have to really look for the things that went wrong and fix them."

Martinez said he thinks there's enough talent for the Sox to bounce back next season, but there needs to be a change in character.

"The team has the tool," Martinez said. "I was on a lot of teams where we had a lot of sore and painful defeats, but it all showed up the next year and we got better and better and better. This team, all they have to do is fix their character, come back next year and think that anything is possible, and start nice and fresh.

"Hopefully, management will make the adjustments they need to make, work on the character of the team a little bit more. I think the talent is basically there. They need to just work all together, pulling toward the same side and focus on it. I think it's achievable."

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