Manto wants White Sox to relax despite pressure

Manto wants White Sox to relax despite pressure

Manto wants White Sox to relax despite pressure
ANAHEIM - The White Sox hitters basically employed the same approach during Sunday's 4-1 loss to the Angels as they used back when the schedule read May 23.

Of course, sticking to what is hoped to be a successful plan becomes easier said than executed when the pressure of an airtight American League Central race to the postseason is thrown into the equation.

"You are not going to replace that. The pressure is there," White Sox hitting coach Jeff Manto said. "It does exist. It's something you have to deal with. That's why we have the players we do because these guys have done it in the past.

"It's a matter of trusting themselves. The key for me is just to be able to not necessarily relax but have that same anxiety you had earlier. It keeps you going. Just remembering to get a good ball to hit and pay attention to the at-bat."

Manto explained that the only difference he's noticed with the White Sox offense centers on missing those good pitches or fouling them off, where before they were making solid contact. That scenario has become especially prevalent with runners in scoring position, where the White Sox exited Sunday 25-for-145 over the last 17 games in this particular situation, and 3-for-42 over the last six games with 40 left on base.

"So, they pull back just a little bit and I think they will be OK," Manto said. "I guess you can make all kinds of cliches that the harder you work, the luckier you will get.

"These guys should be pretty lucky because they have been working hard all season long and they deserve to be in the position they are in. If they continue to believe it, things will work out."