Wedge encouraged by Smoak's surge

Wedge encouraged by Smoak's surge

Wedge encouraged by Smoak's surge
SEATTLE -- It's difficult to gauge how much stock to put into Justin Smoak's September revival as the Mariners first baseman hit .340 in the first 15 games this month and had a trio of three-hit games in his last six starts going into Saturday's game with the Rangers.

Smoak rallied late his prior two seasons in Seattle as well and is a career .324 hitter with eight home runs and 25 RBIs in 51 games in September and October.

But after a season-long struggle for Smoak, manager Eric Wedge said he does see some changes in the 25-year-old's swing that lead him to believe there is something to the upswing that has lifted his batting average from .189 to .207 over the past seven games as he's gone 13-for-28 (.464) with a pair of home runs.

"Here's the thing," Wedge said. "He's done some things fundamentally that are real. It'd be different if he was going up there with the same approach and doing the same thing and having some success. Then you've got to question it.

"But the fact he's done some things fundamentally, it's not just a coincidence that he's doing a little bit better. It makes you feel like there could be something to it and I believe that there is."

Smoak said the major change is he's now holding on to the bat with both hands through his full swing from the left side, which is helping shorten his stroke. But Wedge said he's seeing better things all around from the switch-hitter.

"Most of it is from the left side, but there are some pieces to it on the right side, too," Wedge said.