Beltre may face offseason surgery

Beltre may face offseason surgery

Beltre may face offseason surgery
SEATTLE -- The unknown source of Adrian Beltre's stomach discomfort is believed to be the result of a buildup of scar tissue from an appendix surgery 12 years ago and it may require surgery after the season. The Rangers third baseman's availability the rest of the season should not be in jeopardy, but will depend on Beltre's pain tolerance.

Beltre had stayed in Anaheim to undergo tests on his stomach while his Ranger teammates traveled to Seattle for Friday's series opener. He was in the lineup on Saturday at third and hitting fourth.

"The doctor told me that he's 90 percent sure what's causing the pain is scar tissue from my old surgery, appendix," Beltre said. "It's growing over the years and it's kind of pushing on my intestines.

"He said that if [it] stays the same or gets worse, we're going to have to do a little procedure."

That said, Beltre was confident he would get through the season. Prior to Saturday's game, he said he physically felt much better than the past couple of days. Although there are no medications to help disperse scar tissue, Beltre said eating healthy could help.

Rangers skipper Ron Washington said he "may have to DH him a little more than I want to," but that would be the biggest change he'd make from a managerial perspective.

"He can play to whatever he can tolerate," Washington said. "The old saying I always bring up, 'Mind over matter,' and he's got a powerful mind. His stomach issue, don't matter."