Upton gets shout out from Sanders after nice moves

Upton gets shout out from Sanders after nice moves

Upton gets shout out from Sanders after nice moves
ST. PETERSBURG -- As he approached home plate after hitting a three-run walk-off homer against the Red Sox to win 7-4 on Thursday, B.J. Upton did a little dance.

It was reminiscent of the dances Deion Sanders would do, and the NFL star known as "Primetime" saw Upton's moves, and reached out to tell him he appreciated it, even saying that he would have included it in his top plays.

"It's cool to know that he saw it and send me out a tweet about it," Upton said.

Upton said he hadn't discussed any potential dances with teammates beforehand and that it was a spur of the moment decision, letting it happen naturally.

"I don't know, man, just kind of happened," Upton said. "I couldn't figure out anything else to do. Just had some fun with it and I guess I decided to go 'Prime Time.'"

The two are tired in more ways than one. Upton said he was a fan of Sanders growing up, thanks in large part to Sanders playing at Upton's favorite college, Florida State.

"He was the man, football field and baseball field, he was the man," Upton said. "Even his music videos and the crazy suits he wore. I grew up watching him."

Upton, of course, wears No.2 on his jersey, the same number Sanders had while he was playing for the Seminoles.

He said he still has to work on his moves before he can truly emulate Sanders.

"Could be polished up a little bit," Upton said of his dance. "He did it a lot of times, so he's probably got it mastered. I didn't time my steps like I wanted to. I had some guys in the way."