Rangers sending Hamilton back to Texas for tests

Rangers sending Hamilton back to Texas for tests

Rangers sending Hamilton back to Texas for tests
ANAHEIM -- Josh Hamilton was back in uniform on Thursday, giving it a test in batting practice to see whether he has recovered sufficiently from a sinus infection to play in the series finale against the Angels at Angel Stadium.

The determination was made that the symptoms remain, and Hamilton would return to Texas to see the team's doctors. The Rangers open a three-game series in Seattle on Friday night.

Hamilton played three innings with two at-bats in Tuesday night's series opener, left the game and the stadium and spent Wednesday seeing "every doctor known to man to rule everything out." An ear, nose and throat specialist prescribed antibiotics, and Hamilton was hoping they'd take effect quickly enough to allow him to play.

"Everybody in my family's been sick," Hamilton said. "The last five or six days I've been battling something. Every time I get sick it turns into a sinus infection, and that causes me to get off kilter, off balance. If your head's a little stopped up, you can get a little starry-eyed, dizzy.

"It's not a big deal. I had a little of that earlier in the year."

Hamilton, under the watchful eyes of manager Ron Washington and his staff, was getting ready to stretch, warm up and take some swings. Adrian Beltre, recovering from non-diagnosed abdominal pain, was able to convince the manager he could return to the lineup.

"If I feel I can play, I'll play," Hamilton said, before being ruled out. "I've played through sinus stuff before. This time of the season, it matters tremendously. If we have somebody healthy who can run balls down -- [Craig] Gentry, [Leonys] Martin -- get 'em out there. I don't want to misjudge a ball out there. These are too big of games."

Hamilton stressed that there's nothing wrong with his vision.

"My eyesight is good," he said. "Got that checked and it's 20/15. It used to be 20/10 but I'm getting older."