Pain not fully gone, but Beltre back in lineup

Pain not fully gone, but Beltre back in lineup

Pain not fully gone, but Beltre back in lineup
ANAHEIM -- Adrian Beltre passed a pregame test on Thursday night and was a late entry in the Rangers' lineup against the Angels, batting fourth and serving as the designated hitter.

Ian Kinsler remained in the leadoff spot and was moved from DH to second base. Rookie Jurickson Profar, scheduled to play second and bat ninth, was scratched.

Beltre was the DH in Tuesday night's series opener. He watched the Rangers beat the Angels, 6-2, on Wednesday night from his home in Southern California, experiencing a cramping-like sensation in his abdominal area. A battery of tests didn't determine the cause of the pain, the indication being, according to Beltre, that it was "something inside my intestines."

Asked about watching his team on TV, Beltre said: "It was boring."

Still feeling some pain and having lost some weight because eating exacerbated the discomfort, Beltre was back in uniform on Thursday. He entered manager Ron Washington's office "to plead my case" about getting back in the lineup.

Washington took a wait-and-see attitude, wanting to see for himself that Beltre was in condition to swing the bat.

"They've been running tests the last couple days -- X-rays, MRIs, scans," Beltre said. "So far they can't find what it is. It's similar to a cramp, just painful. It's been going on since Sunday."

Beltre does not believe it is related to a near-fatal appendix attack requiring two surgeries in 2001, the first procedure in his native Dominican Republic, the second in Los Angeles.

The doctors checked all the pictures, ruling out kidney stones and gall bladder infections. "So far they're all negative," he said. "Now they think it's something inside my intestines."

Beltre has one more test set for Friday morning. "I'm forcing myself to eat," he said. "When I eat, it's more painful."

At least he didn't have to watch Thursday night's game on TV.