Mild concussion symptoms sideline Avila

Mild concussion symptoms sideline Avila

Mild concussion symptoms sideline Avila
DETROIT -- Alex Avila was missing from the Tigers' lineup for the second straight game Tuesday night and it was revealed after the Tigers' 12-2 victory that Avila is suffering from mild concussion symptoms.

The catcher took an elbow to the side of the head from first baseman Prince Fielder during Sunday's game against the Indians. Avila said Monday that the blow knocked him out and he remembered nothing but assistant athletic trainer Steve Carter yelling his name.

The loss of memory accompanied by the headaches he began having after taking batting practice Monday in Chicago indicated it might be a head injury rather than a sprained jaw, which was the initial diagnosis.

"I started getting headaches and they kind of got worse so they decided to shut me down and see the doctor and everything," Avila said. "I did the concussion tests again and I checked out the same with the same type of score on the test. Both of them showed that I had a mild concussion."

Fortunately, Avila doesn't plan on missing much time. Tests showed no significant trauma.

"I took a CT scan today and everything checks out there good," Avila said. "Thank God there's no damage or anything like that. Now it's just a waiting game really to rest and make sure [it's OK]. Once I don't have any symptoms as far as headaches, I'll take the [concussion] test again. If everything checks out good, I'll be good to go."

Gerald Laird will be the everyday backstop with Avila sidelined.