Cobb moves past dugout beef with Molina

Cobb moves past dugout beef with Molina

Cobb moves past dugout beef with Molina
ST. PETERSBURG -- As far as Alex Cobb is concerned, his rift with catcher Jose Molina during Monday night's 5-2 loss to the Red Sox is "over with."

"It's really nothing," said Cobb.

After surrendering a two-run homer to Jacoby Ellsbury in the sixth inning that also featured a wild pitch and passed ball, Cobb and Molina were arguing in the Rays' dugout and had to be separated by pitching coach Jim Hickey.

While Cobb said he has moved on, he hasn't talked with Molina since the argument.

"No, I haven't even seen him yet," Cobb said. "There's really nothing to say. We were in the heat of the moment in a big game. Things escalated a little bit. I'm sure everybody in their life has had a little bit of controversy with somebody else in their past. It's nothing more than that."

Cobb said pitcher and catcher squabbles are commonplace in baseball.

"Most of the time it's where the cameras can't see," Cobb said, "or one will pull one aside and say something when one doesn't like what the other one is doing. And they'll talk about it behind closed doors. But in the heat of the moment last night, I think it just came out where it did in the dugout."