MLB announces new educational opportunities for released players in DR

Major League Baseball announced today that it will provide released Minor League players from the Dominican Republic with an opportunity to enroll in educational programs through its Educational Initiative Program for Latin America. The programs, which range from technical, vocational and entrepreneurial opportunities to elementary and high school equivalency courses, job-seeking workshops and career counseling services, aim to help provide players with occupational alternatives after their playing careers have concluded.

Players who played for an MLB organization and were released between January 2009 and August 2012 are eligible to participate. Those who are interested in taking advantage of the program are encouraged to register beginning Tuesday, September 25th through Thursday, September 27th at MLB’s offices in Santo Domingo.

In March 2012, Major League Baseball signed an agreement designed to create and support an educational program for Dominican players in partnership with the government of the Dominican Republic. The agreement, which applies to signed players and recently released players who have played at one of the 30 Club academies after January 2009, is the latest step taken by MLB to expand educational and vocational opportunities for amateur players.