Marlins nemesis Chipper saying farewell

Marlins nemesis Chipper saying farewell

Marlins nemesis Chipper saying farewell
MIAMI -- In his long career, Chipper Jones has pretty much done serious damage to every team in the National League East.

The Marlins are no exception.

In fact, no other player has hurt them more than Jones, the Braves' 40-year-old third baseman who is retiring after this season.

Against Miami, Jones ranks first in games played (242), RBIs (165), runs scored (151), home runs (40), doubles (47) and hits (256).

Jones' most memorable homer against the Marlins was his 400th career shot, which came off Ricky Nolasco at Turner Field.

"Your milestones, they stick out in your mind," Jones said. "Obviously 400 home runs, that's a lot of trots around the bases. That's probably the one that sticks out to me the most."

For years, Marlins fans have dreaded seeing Jones come to the plate. Now, South Florida will have three more chances to watch the All-Star in Miami.

This week marks Jones' final visit as a player at Marlins Park.

"We had some epic battles down here the years that the Marlins ended up winning the World Series; those were some pretty good teams," Jones said. "We had some great battles with them along the way."

During a pregame ceremony on Wednesday, the final night of the series, the Marlins will pay tribute to Jones with a video, as well as a yet to be announced gift.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen holds high praise for Jones, his former teammate.

Guillen feels the Braves slugger should be a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

"I think no doubt, but you never know," Guillen said. "So many things go on behind the scenes about the Hall of Fame. But this kid, he grew up in the era where baseball was a little dirty, and he did it the right way."

As impactful as Jones has been throughout his brilliant career, Guillen notes that the All-Star still is a bit underappreciated -- at least outside of Atlanta.

"I think so," the Marlins manager said. "The way he went about his business. He's not a flamboyant guy. He's not a cocky guy. He's not a problem guy. He's not the type of guy who is going to be in the news for the wrong reason. I think that makes him not being noticed.

"He's a true leader. He's not a fake leader. He's a true leader. When you get the respect from your teammates, that means you've got a great [career]."