Hanigan excelling with increased workload

Hanigan excelling with increased workload

Hanigan excelling with increased workload
MIAMI -- Ryan Hanigan has developed into one of the National League's top all-around catchers in 2012 with a greater workload.

In his sixth Major League season, Hanigan has surpassed his previous career high (91) in games played with 102. Over his past 24 games, he is hitting .343 with 12 walks.

"What it's done more than anything is increase his workload and his endurance," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "Before I would say Ramon [Hernandez] was getting probably two-thirds of the work. Now, it's Hanigan's turn to get two-thirds of the work and somebody else to get one-third of the work. He would wear down before, and now he knows how to take care of himself. Not to say he wasn't doing that before, but I also know when to spot it."

Hanigan entered Saturday night's game with a 3.00 catcher's ERA -- the lowest among big league backstops -- this season. He has caught all 10 of the pitching staff's shutouts and five of the complete games.

"No. 1, he works at it," Baker said. "He studies a lot and he has a pretty good idea about what they can hit and what they can't hit and where our pitchers can throw or what they should throw in certain situations."

The 32-year-old has also thrown out 16 of the last 31 baserunners trying to steal for a 52 percent clip.

"[He] blocks balls in the dirt, shuts down the other team's running game most of the time, so we don't have to waste a pitchout on a ball," Baker said. "He works at it. This guy's a blue-collar catcher."