Rox wear purple jerseys on retro night at Petco

Rox wear purple jerseys on retro night at Petco

Rox wear purple jerseys on retro night at Petco
SAN DIEGO -- Friday's series opener with the Padres was '90s night at Petco Park, a throwback evening featuring -- among other '90s tributes -- the Padres in their late-'90s blue and orange pinstriped uniforms.

The Rockies, however, donned their current purple jerseys, an interesting choice given the fact that of the Rockies four available uniforms (white with pinstripes, grey, black, and purple), the only one that was not a jersey option during the '90s was that purple one, which made its long-term debut in the 2000 season.

Devout Rox fans will remember that their squad did, however, wear a predominantly purple vest featuring a very prominent mountain logo in the center during the 1999 season, arguably the most infamous in Colorado's 20 years of existence.

But interesting as that uniform was, if it had been resurrected for Friday night, Tyler Colvin would've been game to wear it.

"I'd wear them all," Colvin said. "I just think it's fun to look back and see the different uniforms. I wouldn't wear, who was it, the White Sox? Who wore the shorts that one year? I wouldn't wear that. Anything except the shorts."

His teammate Jeff Francis seems to be similarly supportive of the vintage look, citing the always-polarizing Astros "pizza" jerseys as favorites. Even so, the Canadian Francis says he'd have to draw the line at the uniform choice of his homeland's own Montreal Expos in the 70s and 80s.

"The old blue Expos? All blue like even the pants? No." Francis said. "They're like pajamas."

His teammate Josh Roenicke, on the other hand, wouldn't mind seeing some Expos unis brought back.

"I like the Phillies retro ones a lot actually," Roenicke, a native of Baltimore, Md. said. "But do the Nationals ever wear the Expos jerseys? That'd be cool."

Despite the differences in taste in the Colorado clubhouse -- and despite their anachronistic choice for Friday -- there certainly seems to be a consensus as to which current Rockies jersey is the most beloved.

"Purple's probably my favorite," said Roenicke. "It's unique -- no one else in the game has it. I think we could wear it every day for that reason. And we're playing well with it."