Miggy says taking fan's sign all in fun

Miggy says taking fan's sign all in fun

Miggy says taking fan's sign all in fun
CLEVELAND -- Miguel Cabrera said on Friday that he was having some fun with fans when he took a fan's "Fire Leyland" sign while signing autographs before a game in Chicago this week. The video of it, taken from a fan's phone, has circulated online.

Still, Cabrera voiced some disappointment about Leyland taking the blame for the Tigers' struggles this season.

"I don't like it, because we're a team," Cabrera said. "We're trying to make a run for the playoffs."

In the video, Cabrera already has the sign and is signing autographs while a fan not seen in the picture asks him questions about Leyland and his decisions. Cabrera keeps on signing down the line. When the fan calls him "a man who steals signs," he laughs, then hands the sign to a security guard and tells him to give it back to the fan.

Leyland is under contract through season's end after signing a one-year deal last August. His situation is unlikely to be addressed until the offseason.

Cabrera's move has been seen as a message of support.

As for fan reaction to Leyland's decisions, Cabrera said, "I think they don't realize how hard it is."