Valentine says there will be no fine for Aceves

Valentine says there will be no fine for Aceves

Valentine says there will be no fine for Aceves
BOSTON -- In a perfect world, a manager walks out to the mound and gives a pitcher a pat on the back before taking him out of the game. Alfredo Aceves never really gave him that choice on Wednesday.

When Valentine got to the mound, Aceves basically walked to the opposite side of the mound. When he walked to the dugout, he made a roundabout route, taking a wide left and avoiding any type of interaction with his manager.

The incident raised eyebrows, considering Aceves received a three-game suspension on Aug. 25 for an outburst in Valentine's office when he was bypassed in a closing situation.

However, Valentine seemed unmoved by Aceves' actions on Wednesday. He said there would be no suspension or fine.

"No, I'm not fining anyone," Valentine said.

Though Aceves hasn't been closing of late, Valentine was asked if he might even see more of a reduced role down the stretch.

"We have a lot of pitchers. When we need him, he'll still pitch," Valentine said.

Though there have been some behavioral concerns with Aceves, Valentine thinks he's still a viable player for the Red Sox going forward.

"I think I knew what I was dealing with from Spring Training," Valentine said. "You just try to manage every situation that you have to try to manage to the best for the organization. He's a good pitcher."