Aceves, Valentine discuss latest episode

Aceves, Valentine discuss latest episode

Aceves, Valentine discuss latest episode
BOSTON -- When Bobby Valentine emerged from the dugout to remove Alfredo Aceves from Wednesday's game against the Yankees, the pitcher stood on the opposite side of the mound from his manager. Once Chris Carpenter started to make his way in from the bullpen, Aceves veered behind the mound as he walked back to the dugout, never walking by Valentine -- let alone engaging in any type of dialogue with his manager.

Back on Aug. 24, Aceves had a temper in Valentine's office when he wasn't used in a closing situation. The next night, he was suspended for three games. Upon returning to the team -- Aceves flew out to the West Coast on his own -- he lost the closer's role that he had served in all season.

In other words, it was easy to read between the lines of this moment on Wednesday night and think Aceves might have some lingering hard feelings toward his manager.

"That's what you say. No, I was there," Aceves said. "I was standing up. I didn't have the baseball with me, so what am I going to do? I'm going to go away from the field. What am I going to do?"

Aceves was asked if everything is "good" between him and Valentine?

"I'm good, yes, thank you," said Aceves. "I'm good. Ask him if he's good. I don't know."

Valentine was asked if he felt Aceves was trying to show him up.

"I'll have to look at it [on video], and who cares if he showed me up," Valentine said. "If I have to explain Aceves' actions, I'll wind up going across the river and work for Harvard."

What upset Valentine was that the two-run homer that Aceves served up to Curtis Granderson -- after a single by Derek Jeter -- wound up being the difference in a game the Red Sox lost, 5-4, to the Yankees.

"Heck, he faced two guys there that he handled pretty good," Valentine said. "I think they were 1-for-20 against him collectively in the past. He gave up a single and a home run. It wasn't what I expected."