Dombrowski holding out hope for Tigers

Dombrowski holding out hope for Tigers

Dombrowski holding out hope for Tigers
CHICAGO -- President/general manager Dave Dombrowski didn't downplay what's at stake over the next few weeks as the Tigers try to come back in the American League Central, but he also didn't give up hope.

"We've been very inconsistent so far," Dombrowski said. "But as I've said before, we have the chance to make this a very good year or a very disappointing year. It's not over yet. We'll see which way it goes. I'm still hopeful and think -- and think -- it can be a very good year."

Dombrowski called his team's offensive inconsistencies "bewildering" and "streaky" but said it's a team that has shown it can hit for stretches.

"Just when you think it's at its lowest moment, all of a sudden, we start to swing the bats," he said. "And hopefully, that will be the case. I know they continue to work at it. [Hitting coach] Lloyd McLendon continues to work at it with the guys on a daily basis. And the one thing we have done, we have pitched very well.

"Usually, when you pitch very well, it usually ends up being good for you. So let's hope that it ends up being good for you, because we've got a lot of guys who are throwing the ball really well right now -- starters and bullpen."

Dombrowski did not talk about potential changes for next year.

"That's a story for another day," he said.