Ruggiano ejected in second inning vs. Phillies

Ruggiano ejected in second inning vs. Phillies

Ruggiano ejected in second inning vs. Phillies
PHILADELPHIA -- Justin Ruggiano was ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the second inning of Wednesday's 3-1 loss to the Phillies.

Ruggiano took offense to a called third strike by home-plate umpire Clint Fagan. The pitch, which came on a 2-2 count from Philadelphia's Cliff Lee, was inside.

"I just didn't think it was over the plate," said Ruggiano, whose opinion did not change after seeing a replay. "That's basically it. The guy pitching is pretty good already, and when the strike zone widens, it makes it even harder to get him."

Ruggiano wasn't sure exactly why Fagan ejected him. After arguing the call at the plate, he walked to the dugout. He said he said something to his coaches and that's when Fagan ran him from the game. It was Ruggiano's first ejection from a Major League game. Austin Kearns took over for him in left field.

"The coaches are basically who I was talking to when I walked in," he said. "I said if he gets that pitch all day, we're in trouble or something like that. ... I have a feeling he was tracking me all the way back to the dugout and just waiting for me to say one more thing."

Miami skipper Ozzie Guillen came out to briefly argue with Fagan before returning to the dugout.

"I think the reason on why and when he got thrown out, I don't think it was the right way, because he was chirping in the dugout but not to the umpire," Guillen said. "He was talking to himself. He was mad at himself. The umpire thought he was talking to him, and that's the reason I went out."