Masset joins Reds, expects to be ready for 2013

Masset joins Reds, expects to be ready for 2013

Masset joins Reds, expects to be ready for 2013
CINCINNATI -- After a roller-coaster season of rehab, Reds reliever Nick Masset is hoping his current road to recovery is the final one.

Masset appeared to be close to a Reds return earlier in the season, making eight pain-free rehab appearances in the Minors. But the torn capsule in his right shoulder never properly recovered, and Masset eventually resorted to arthroscopic surgery Friday, performed by Dr. Tim Kremchek.

"Kremchek felt really good about the way the surgery went," Masset said. "He was real excited with the way it went and the way it looked in there. He feels really confident about me being able to rebound from this, which is exciting news."

Masset on Wednesday had his right arm in a bulky sling, which he has to wear for about four weeks. After that comes a four-month rehab program followed by two or three months of throwing.

The 28-year-old reliever said he seeked the advice of five different professionals, including "the best overhand shoulder guys in the country," before going through with surgery.

Masset plans to remain with the team throughout the rest of the season, performing his rehab and strengthening his arm, and he hopes to be ready for the start of the 2013 campaign.

"I'm going to stay here with the team the whole year and support them all the way through," Masset said. "We're hoping everything kind of stays on par with [the recovery]. We've got to take the right approach here and get it fixed and hopefully be ready to go for next year."