Beckham worthy of Gold Glove consideration

Beckham worthy of Gold Glove consideration

Beckham worthy of Gold Glove consideration
CHICAGO -- In the middle of a 20-game stretch toward his first playoff appearance in four big league seasons, Gordon Beckham has no time to think about individual awards.

But when one of the American League's best defensive second basemen was asked if he thought about winning a 2012 Rawlings Gold Glove, he had time for a quick answer.

"I don't think about it, but I would love to have one," Beckham said. "I work hard at it, you know. I don't want individual awards, but if that were to come, that would be really special to me.

"That would probably be as big of an award as I've ever gotten. I would love the opportunity to be in the running, I guess. It seems like I was overlooked last year, mostly because of my offense. I hope I get some votes."

Beckham certainly deserves consideration, as he stands tied for third with the Yankees' Robinson Cano courtesy of his .990 fielding percentage, and he has committed just six errors.

Entering Wednesday night's game against Detroit, Beckham had a 20-game errorless streak. He leads all AL second basemen in double plays, with 94, and is second in range factor, at 4.62.

It has been quite a quick development process for the soon-to-be 26-year-old who came to the White Sox as a shortstop but started his Major League career as a third baseman.

"I've just worked really hard at it. It's not something that magically came," he said. "I work every day on the same stuff. I take relatively the same amount of ground balls in the same amount of spots. I kind of make all my plays that I think there's a chance I could make during the game.

"That preparation has allowed me to be good. I don't know how it just came that easy in terms of that. My first year was a little shaky, but last year was great, and this year has been just as good. I attribute it to hard work and really just enjoying that position. I really think that's my position and that's where my talents are best exposed on the field."

A .368 run over his last 12 games has pushed Beckham's batting average to .239, to go with a career-high 15 homers.