White sox announce 2013 regular-season schedule

CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox have announced their 2013 regular-season schedule, with Opening Day on Monday, April 1 vs. Kansas City at U.S. Cellular Field.  The season opener is part of a three-game set against the division foe and a six-game homestand.  The second and third games of the Royals series will be played on Wednesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 4, respectively.  The club opens the season at home for the sixth time in the last nine seasons.

The first road trip of the season (10 games from April 9-18) kicks off with a three-game interleague set at Washington (April 9-11), followed by three games at Cleveland (April 12-14) and a four-game series at Toronto (April 15-18).  Washington is the first of six interleague opponents the White Sox will face in 2013, including the Sox first ever visit to Citi Field to play the New York Mets (May 7-8).  Next season marks the first time the two teams will meet since 2002 and also will include a two-game visit by the Mets to U.S. Cellular Field (June 25-26).  Other interleague opponents in 2013:  Miami (May 24-26 at U.S. Cellular Field); the crosstown series vs. the Chicago Cubs (May 27-28 at U.S. Cellular Field and May 29-30 at Wrigley Field); Philadelphia (July 12-14 at Citizens Bank Park); and Atlanta (July 19-21 at U.S. Cellular Field).

The White Sox play two series with each American League team outside of the AL Central, including the following dates at U.S. Cellular Field:  Seattle (April 5-7); Tampa Bay (April 25-28); the Los Angeles Angels (May 10-12); Boston (May 20-22); Oakland (June 6-9); Toronto (June 10-12); Baltimore (July 2-4); the New York Yankees (August 5-7); Texas (August 23-25); and Houston (August 26-28).  The White Sox conclude the 2013 season with a four-game series at home vs. Kansas City from September 26-29.

The longest homestand of 2013 is 10 games, which occurs three times:  April 19-28; July 19-28, coming off the All-Star Game at Citi Field; and September 9-18.  The longest trip is 10 games and also occurs three times in 2013 (April 9-18, June 14-23 and August 30-September 8).

The 2013 schedule is tentative and subject to change.  Game times and a complete broadcast schedule will be released at a later date.

White Sox 2013 season tickets are available at whitesox.com or by calling 312-674-1000.


Chicago White Sox 2013 Regular-Season Schedule

Subject to Change

DATE                           OPPONENT

April 1                           KANSAS CITY

April 3                           KANSAS CITY

April 4                           KANSAS CITY

April 5                           SEATTLE

April 6                           SEATTLE

April 7                           SEATTLE

April 9                           at Washington

April 10                         at Washington

April 11                         at Washington

April 12                         at Cleveland

April 13                         at Cleveland

April 14                         at Cleveland

April 15                         at Toronto

April 16                         at Toronto

April 17                         at Toronto

April 18                         at Toronto

April 19                         MINNESOTA

April 20                         MINNESOTA

April 21                         MINNESOTA

April 22                         CLEVELAND

April 23                         CLEVELAND

April 24                         CLEVELAND

April 25                         TAMPA BAY

April 26                         TAMPA BAY

April 27                         TAMPA BAY    

April 28                         TAMPA BAY

April 30                         at Texas



DATE                           OPPONENT

May 1                           at Texas

May 2                           at Texas

May 3                           at Kansas City

May 4                           at Kansas City

May 5                           at Kansas City

May 7                           at New York Mets

May 8                           at New York Mets

May 10                         LOS ANGELES ANGELS

May 11                         LOS ANGELES ANGELS

May 12                         LOS ANGELES ANGELS

May 13                         at Minnesota

May 14                         at Minnesota

May 15                         at Minnesota

May 16                         at Los Angeles Angels

May 17                         at Los Angeles Angels

May 18                         at Los Angeles Angels

May 19                         at Los Angeles Angels

May 20                         BOSTON

May 21                         BOSTON

May 22                         BOSTON

May 24                         MIAMI

May 25                         MIAMI

May 26                         MIAMI

May 27                         CHICAGO CUBS

May 28                         CHICAGO CUBS

May 29                         at Chicago Cubs

May 30                         at Chicago Cubs

May 31                         at Oakland



DATE                           OPPONENT

June 1                          at Oakland

June 2                          at Oakland

June 3                          at Seattle

June 4                          at Seattle

June 5                          at Seattle

June 6                          OAKLAND

June 7                          OAKLAND

June 8                          OAKLAND

June 9                          OAKLAND

June 10             TORONTO

June 11             TORONTO

June 12             TORONTO

June 14             at Houston

June 15             at Houston

June 16             at Houston

June 17             at Houston

June 18             at Minnesota

June 19             at Minnesota

June 20             at Minnesota

June 21             at Kansas City

June 22             at Kansas City

June 23             at Kansas City

June 25             NEW YORK METS

June 26             NEW YORK METS

June 28             CLEVELAND

June 29             CLEVELAND

June 30             CLEVELAND



DATE                           OPPONENT

July 2                           BALTIMORE

July 3                           BALTIMORE

July 4                           BALTIMORE

July 5                           at Tampa Bay

July 6                           at Tampa Bay

July 7                           at Tampa Bay

July 9                           at Detroit

July 10                          at Detroit

July 11                          at Detroit

July 12                          at Philadelphia

July 13                          at Philadelphia

July 14                          at Philadelphia


July 16                          All-Star Game @

Citi Field, New York


July 19                          ATLANTA

July 20                          ATLANTA

July 21                          ATLANTA

July 22                          DETROIT

July 23                          DETROIT

July 24                          DETROIT

July 25                          DETROIT

July 26                          KANSAS CITY

July 27                          KANSAS CITY

July 28                          KANSAS CITY

July 29                          at Cleveland

July 30                          at Cleveland

July 31                          at Cleveland




DATE                           OPPONENT

August 1                       at Cleveland
August 2                       at Detroit

August 3                       at Detroit

August 4                       at Detroit

August 5                       NEW YORK YANKEES

August 6                       NEW YORK YANKEES

August 7                       NEW YORK YANKEES

August 9                       MINNESOTA

August 10                     MINNESOTA

August 11                     MINNESOTA

August 12                     DETROIT

August 13                     DETROIT

August 14                     DETROIT

August 15                     at Minnesota

August 16                     at Minnesota

August 17                     at Minnesota

August 18                     at Minnesota

August 20                     at Kansas City

August 21                     at Kansas City

August 22                     at Kansas City

August 23                     TEXAS

August 24                     TEXAS

August 25                     TEXAS

August 26                     HOUSTON

August 27                     HOUSTON

August 28                     HOUSTON

August 30                     at Boston

August 31                     at Boston


DATE                           OPPONENT

September 1                 at Boston

September 2                at New York Yankees

September 3                 at New York Yankees

September 4                 at New York Yankees

September 5                 at Baltimore

September 6                 at Baltimore

September 7                 at Baltimore

September 8                 at Baltimore

September 9                 DETROIT

September 10               DETROIT

September 11               DETROIT

September 12               CLEVELAND

September 13               CLEVELAND

September 14               CLEVELAND

September 15               CLEVELAND

September 16               MINNESOTA

September 17               MINNESOTA

September 18               MINNESOTA

September 20               at Detroit

September 21               at Detroit

September 22               at Detroit

September 24                at Cleveland

September 25                at Cleveland

September 26              KANSAS CITY

September 27              KANSAS CITY

September 28              KANSAS CITY

September 29              KANSAS CITY