Valentine unfazed about speculation over his job

Valentine unfazed about speculation over his job

Valentine unfazed about speculation over his job
BOSTON -- Manager Bobby Valentine knows his job security has been a topic in numerous media outlets in recent weeks, but he continues to seem unfazed by it.

"I haven't lost any sleep only because when I get to bed, I'm worn out. These games have worn me out, to tell you the truth, very often," Valentine said.

Valentine told Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley a few days ago that he expects to manage the Red Sox in 2013, the final year of his two-year contract.

Valentine was asked to elaborate on that statement prior to Tuesday's game against the Yankees.

"Why wouldn't I think it until I'm told otherwise? This is a continuous question," Valentine said. "It's like one of those things. Is something going to happen? Well, until it doesn't ... "

Would Valentine like to have his situation resolved sooner rather than later?

"Oh, much later -- four or five years from now, I'd say, at least," quipped Valentine.

Valentine's pregame news conference started in bizarre fashion on Tuesday, as a local talk show host asked him to tell fans why he should be the team's manager for 2013 and beyond.

"I feel bad for those fans. I don't have to make a case for them though. I've suffered with them," Valentine said.

Then, Valentine showed a playful side when asked to elaborate.

"I'm the best man for the job," said Valentine. "Was that a tough question by the way? That's the beginning of the press conference? There's a tough one!"