Poll: Half say A-Rod was using longer

Poll: Half say A-Rod was using longer

A Gallup/USA Today poll released Friday showed that almost half of 1,023 adults polled do not believe Alex Rodriguez's use of performance-enhancing drugs was limited to the 2001-03 seasons.

Among the respondents, 46 percent said they thought Rodriguez used PEDs in years other than 2001, 2002 and 2003. Meanwhile, 32 percent believed he used the substances only in the years he said he had, while 22 percent had no opinion.

The numbers were not much different among the 438 poll participants who were identified as baseball fans, with 47 percent believing he used substances in other years, 38 believing it was just 2001-03 and 15 percent with no opinion.

Drug Policy in Baseball

Following allegations in an SI.com article that preceded the magazine's release of a cover story on the Yankees third baseman this week, Rodriguez on Monday admitted to having taken performance-enhancing drugs in 2001-03 while with the Rangers. He was asked in an exclusive interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons whether his use was limited to those years in the following exchange:

Gammons: You're saying that the time period was 2001, 2002 and 2003?

Rodriguez: That's pretty accurate, yes.

Other poll results published in USA Today included: 28 percent with a favorable view of Rodriguez; 34 percent with a positive view of Roger Clemens; 23 percent with a positive view of Barry Bonds. Asked if they should be voted into the Hall of Fame, Rodriguez earned 47 percent, Clemens 50 percent and Bonds 35 percent.

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