Surgery for Markakis, may cut return to 4 weeks

Surgery for Markakis, may cut return to 4 weeks

Surgery for Markakis, may cut return to 4 weeks
BALTIMORE -- Nick Markakis will have surgery on Tuesday in Florida to repair the left thumb he fractured in Saturday's game against the Yankees, a procedure he's hopeful will speed up his recovery process.

The original thought was that it could be a six-week recovery period, which would leave Markakis a very small window to return to the team this year, most likely if the Orioles made it deep into the playoffs. Surgery was thought to be something which could finish the season.

But this surgery won't end his season. In fact, it could give him a chance to come back earlier if everything works out.

"They said the surgery should actually knock three weeks off recovery, so hopefully we are looking at somewhere around four weeks," Markakis said after Sunday's game. "It is good news and bad news. I'm just going to go ahead and get it done and just get it out of the way."

Markakis said the surgery, scheduled to be performed by Dr. Brian Schofield, the same person who handled the operation on his wrist back in June, will involve putting a T-plate on top of the thumb, screwing it down and waiting for everything to heal."

The outfielder said that the playoffs -- if the Orioles get in -- remain a possibility for him, and the big question is how long it takes for everything to heal.

"It's just the healing process; it's just like with my hand," Markakis said. "It's a [broken] bone. There's no rehab process for it. Hopefully my body can recover quickly and hopefully I can make a run towards the end with these guys."