A's happy to hear about McCarthy's improvement

A's happy to hear about McCarthy's improvement

A's happy to hear about McCarthy's improvement
SEATTLE -- Oakland pitcher Brandon McCarthy continues to improve two days after getting hit in the head with a batted ball on Wednesday night, welcome news to his A's family.

A's trainer Nick Paparesta said Saturday that McCarthy's progress has been great. The Oakland righty was sitting up for much of Saturday morning, fully able to express himself and asking his doctor questions about his condition.

McCarthy even let the Twitter world know that he was thinking on his own and added a little comedic flair.

"The good news in all of this, is that I set up my fantasy lineups beforehand. So there shall be no excuse at this point," he posted on his Twitter account, @BMcCarthy32.

Oakland manager Bob Melvin said he'd seen the tweets and that he was happy to know that his pitcher is doing better.

"It puts a smile on your face," Melvin said.

"You can tell that they are his thoughts and I think that's important," Paparesta added. "It's good that people can see that he's still got it together right now. It's great."

McCarthy's teammates were also encouraged by the social media updates.

"His use of Twitter is a step back to being normal again," reliever Tyson Ross said. "It's exciting to hear from him and hopefully he's improving."

Doctors are looking to move McCarthy into a transitional care unit before putting him in a regular hospital room. Paparesta said that McCarthy is not completely past the "critical" stage of recovery and that all precautions have to be taken with head injuries.

McCarthy underwent two hours of surgery late Wednesday after experiencing an epidural hemorrhage, a brain contusion and a skull fracture.