A's McCarthy tweeting while recovering in hospital

A's McCarthy tweeting while recovering in hospital

A's McCarthy tweeting while recovering in hospital
A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy remains hospitalized after his harrowing head injury earlier this week, but apparently he is feeling strong enough to tweet.

McCarthy, the veteran right-hander who was struck by a line drive in Wednesday afternoon's game against the Angels, is recovering from surgery performed Wednesday night at a Bay Area hospital to repair a skull fracture and an epidural hemorrhage on the right side of his head.

But McCarthy's verified Twitter account -- @BMcCarthy32 -- showed signs Saturday that he is alert enough to lighten the mood for those concerned about his condition, at least.

At 1:45 a.m. PT:

Then at 10:24 a.m. PT:

And in responding to one of his many well-wishers, this one San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, McCarthy tweeted:

At last report, the A's medical staff said McCarthy was progressing well and was stable, but remained in serious condition. Prior to Friday night's game at Seattle, A's trainer Nick Paparesta said McCarthy was able to sit up in bed, and was up and around three times on Friday, the second day after the injury occurred.

Paparesta, who cautioned that the first three days are crucial in these types of head injuries, said McCarthy also sat in a chair and ate solid foods and drank fluids, all without complications. Paparesta said McCarthy is able to recognize visitors and talk, although pain is limiting how much he speaks.

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