Young limited to pinch duties after testing quad

Young limited to pinch duties after testing quad

Young limited to pinch duties after testing quad
SAN DIEGO -- D-Backs center fielder Chris Young put his strained left quad to the test with some sprinting before Friday's game with the Padres -- and it didn't pass.

"Tried to run today, wasn't right yet," Young said.

Young initially felt the quad "grab" in Monday's game against the Giants. He left the game in the eighth inning and hasn't played since. Initially, the D-Backs thought Young might miss just a few days and be aided in a quick return by Thursday's off-day. But Friday's workout has the 29-year-old's return to the outfield postponed indefinitely.

"I went out there to watch him," manager Kirk Gibson said. "Jogging was fine, then I saw when he went to go sprint and put strain on it I think he felt a grab. So he's going to let it calm down a little bit, get him some treatment. Then we'll take him out, see how far he can go and give him an idea of where he's at."

Young is certainly doing all he can to ensure his next try goes better.

"Just been working out all day right now," Young said. "Anytime you tweak something, the days are different. You're in the training room pretty much all day trying to get it right. ... I'm just going to continue to get in the training room and do everything I can do."

What Young can do is not completely limited to training-room work. He said there was "no doubt" he is able to pinch-hit with the injury, and his manager agreed that the injury would not hinder Young from potentially playing at least a small role in this weekend's series.

"He can hit. He's certainly available off the bench. He can run, he just can't run how CY runs," Gibson said. "So he's just going to have to be disciplined when it comes to that. There's certain guys I would match him up against. ... He'd be up there to get something and drive the ball and jog to the base where I can pinch-run for him."

And while the ability to take an at-bat even while injured is serving as some consolation to Young, he was visibly disappointed with the outcome of Friday's workout and the fact that he can't be at full strength to help his team through these crucial September games.

"I wanted to be back a couple days ago. Sometimes your body just doesn't allow you to do that, so no matter how much I want to be back, it's not really going to help the situation," Young said. "Just a matter of supporting my teammates right now."