Yost wants to see his Royals in the running

Yost wants to see his Royals in the running

Yost wants to see his Royals in the running
KANSAS CITY -- When it was pointed out to manager Ned Yost that the Royals, in the American League, have the best average hitting with runners in scoring position and two outs, he wasn't all that impressed.

The Royals, in such situations, owned a league-best .292 average (well ahead of the second-place Tigers' .268), and their 182 RBIs ranked third entering Thursday's action. The Rangers were first with 196 RBIs.

"It doesn't mean anything if you're not scoring runs," Yost said. "We're still down in the run department."

Indeed, through Wednesday's games, the Royals ranked just 12th in AL runs with 568. The Rangers were first with 704.

The Royals' batting average of .267 ranked fourth in the AL and they also had the least number of strikeouts, 856.

"We still have so much more room to growing as an offensive unit," Yost said. "All those numbers are fine but the number that means most to me is runs scored."

Yost grabbed a statistics sheet before Thursday night's game against the Rangers and cited some examples.

"When we score three runs or less, we're 15-49," Yost said. "When we score more than three runs, we're 46-26. So we're going to have to find a way to score more than three runs every game. ... If it takes four runs or more for us to win a ballgame, well, we need to score four runs or more. And granted, we did [Wednesday] night and we didn't win, but when we do, more times than not we do win."

Yost has faith in the offensive potential of his current players.

"When I envision our offense, seriously, I envision more like Texas' offense. Maybe that's lofty expectations, but that's where I'd like to get to," he said.