Lough still adjusting to Major League schedule

Lough still adjusting to Major League schedule

Lough still adjusting to Major League schedule
KANSAS CITY -- After three seasons with Triple-A Omaha, David Lough is a bit slow getting used to the luxuries of big league life.

On Thursday, Lough had lunch with his college coach and, arriving at Kauffman Stadium in early afternoon for treatment on his strained hamstring, he got a big surprise.

"I pulled in the parking lot and I see Salvador [Perez] and [Manny] Pina all dressed up with their luggage and my heart just dropped. I was, 'Omigosh,' because I had to do treatment at 1:30," the rookie outfielder said.

Lough didn't realize that the Royals, as do all Major League clubs, would be leaving immediately after Thursday night's game on a charter flight to Chicago for their weekend series with the White Sox.

"I thought maybe we were flying out [Friday] morning like it was in Triple-A," he said, "but apparently not."

So he hurriedly called head trainer Nick Kenney, who told Lough to go get packed and he could get his medical treatment later.

"It was a NASCAR race getting back to the hotel, checking out and loading all my stuff up," Lough said.

So Lough, after his first charter flight, would be in Chicago for a good night's rest before the series opener on Friday night. That wasn't the case in the Pacific Coast League where teams take commercial flights.

"You have to get up at like 4:30 in the morning and take the first flight out. That's what they do in that league, so if you do have delays, you can still get there on time," Lough said.

You're not in Triple-A anymore, David.