Six-man rotation idea a temporary one for Miami

Six-man rotation idea a temporary one for Miami

Six-man rotation idea a temporary one for Miami
MIAMI -- Going with a six-man rotation is only a temporary idea for the Marlins.

The team decided to go with six starters to ease the innings on rookies Jacob Turner -- who will start on Friday at Washington -- and Nathan Eovaldi, who faced Milwaukee on Wednesday.

"I'm not a fan for a lot of different reasons," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "But why we're doing it here, we've got to protect Turner, Eovaldi. Those two kids."

Using an extra starter means veterans like Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and Ricky Nolasco will make one fewer outing.

For Buehrle, that may determine whether he reaches the 200-inning mark for the 12th straight season. The veteran lefty has thrown 173 2/3 innings, and if he averages seven innings in his final four starts, Buehrle would finish with 201 2/3 innings.

"I talked to Buehrle about it," Guillen said. "He says he wants to have 200 innings. If we've got seven innings from Buehrle, that means we're winning the game."

In general, Guillen says it is more difficult for starters in the National League to reach 200 innings.

"The National League is harder than the American League to get to those 200 innings," the manager said. "That's no doubt. I said that early, the worst thing about the National League is getting used to taking my pitcher out at 70 pitches when we're down by one run in the sixth.

"I think it's hard to get 200 innings in the National League. You have to be a pretty good offensive ballclub to give you the opportunity. In the American League, if you're down 1-0, you're in the ninth. In the National League, you're down 1-0, in the sixth, you're gone. I tried to explain how hard it is to them. I hope they understand."